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 How can I be sure I like my website design? It is as important to us as it is to you that you are proud of your website. Accordingly, we encourage you to share your ideas about its design-- the graphics, colors, and layout that appeals to you. Most organizations already have logos and color schemes and these provide a place to start.

Millions of websites can be found on the Internet. Some are outstanding;
some are perfectly tacky, but they all can be used to help define what you like and don't like. We try to produce dignified, tasteful sites without (much) distracting animation.
We try very hard to avoid editorial errors.

 How do I get started? Your first decision is to proceed. Several others follow, and we will be happy to help with all of them.

 -- Decide on a name. You'll put your URL on your business cards, print ads, and probably letterheads, so it should be as relevant, identifiable, and non-cryptic as possible. We'll help you register it.

  -- Decide what the content will be. This is easy for commercial websites. If you have a brochure, you've already thought about content and presentation. If you don't, just make a list of your product categories and decide which you want to put on your website. Again, we have quite a bit of experience in this.

  -- Organize the photos and descriptions. This information is vital for effective presentation of your merchandise, and something only you can supply. Either choose good, clear photos that we can scan or get a digital camera and email the image files. Have a look at the descriptive material and be sure it says what you want it to. Prices on the web? There are pros and cons; we can discuss this issue, too.

 -- Draft the corporate information page. Usually this is where to put a brief sketch of your business, contact information, a little history, professional affiliations, and perhaps a photo or two of the principals. This is generally the only personal page on a website. When you get some or all of the material together, bring it or send it to us by mail, e- or snail, and we can get started on a design. Do keep in mind that a website should be changed a few times a year, so if you decide to add a section or form or change some photos, it's a good thing.

 How can I keep my costs down? Easily, by reducing the number of hours we spend on the website. Providing the textual content in a computer file eliminates data entry time. Accumulating updates so that they can be batched is helpful. Handling much of the search engine registration is a simple but time-consuming task.

 How can I be sure my website is seen? Classic Web Design structures your pages and incorporates the key words that you provide so that the major search engines can find and index your website properly. We instruct you in submitting your site for search engine registration; this is a simple thing and is something you really should do, since it requires eternal vigilance and our time costs. Also, be sure to put your URL on your business cards and magazine ads.

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